Easy to make bead ring with instructions

This is a very easy to make beaded ring, a good start for beginning beaders :)
The materials you will need are: small standard plastic beads (in yellow in the picture), larger beads (the green ones in the picture). You will also need some 60 cm of thread, you can use a thin elastic thread; that will make the ring suit different sizes, but it will result on a weaker ring. Other option is using the kind of thread that is usually employed for fishing, this is easy to use for beading and makes long lasting rings.

To make the ring, follow this simple pattern (the red star indicates the start point).
Start by putting one of the small beads into the thread and taking it to the middle of the thread. It will be easier if you hold each of the two endings of the thread on one hand. After the first small bead, put one large green bead, another small one and another large bead, on each side of the thread. Then cross both endings of the thread into one small bead, as shown in the picture. Repeat these steps until you get the right lenght for your ring, use several knots to finish the ring.

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